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Most creators and teams struggle to drop and market NFT collections. At Phoenix, we serve $1M+ in revenue clients with NFT-first solutions.

Phoenix is a creative team. Since 2021, we have helped our clients to algorithmically generate art collections, earn $200K+ from mint sales, drop metaverse-ready 3D assets, and promote NFT projects using our network of 1,000+ influencers.

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Case study

BAYC Derivative

Ape projects have came in many forms over the last few weeks. The artistic derivatives of the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) have been extraordinary. When Phoenix was approached by yet another Apes team, we jumped on the opportunity to build an NFT brand.

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We help creators or teams explore and implement creative solutions.

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At 🪶 Phoenix Team, we use NFT best practices to maximize your revenue.

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Partnering with Phoenix will save you time so you can focus on essential tasks.

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The NFT space moves fast. Phoenix helps us to implement NFT best practices so we can keep up.

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